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Learn the basics of investing: how to start managing your portfolio,
understanding the markets and making smart investment decisions


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Course Description

Horizon Institute instructor Karl Ahlstedt created Investing in Shares for Beginners, an online course that will teach and prepare you with the basics of the stock market and investing, and then how to create and manage your portfolio.

This course is for new investors, suitable for those with small amounts of money, who are looking to take investing into their own hands.

The world we live in is dynamic and vast, and the financial markets seek to facilitate the purchase and sale of assets. From coffee and its many derivatives to currency in the forex markets. The high number of markets and exchanges provides us with a diverse range of opportunities to make money.

This course has been designed around the format used to train graduate traders within the largest investment firms, from Meryl Lynch to Goldman Sachs. The purpose of this is to understand and then replicate the processes used by the most successful traders on the planet.

When you complete this course, you will be ready to create a long- term portfolio that matches your needs and expectations, no matter what type of market you encounter.

You will learn how to:

  • Generate great trading ideas
  • Perform fundamental analysis to find a great company at a fair price
  • Perform technical analysis to avoid buying when its crashing or selling when its soaring
  • Find the right Stockbroker for your needs
  • Get walked through a Step-by-Step guide to buying your first stock
  • Choose the right stocks for you
  • Monitor your long-term performance
  • Keep up to date with wider events by using key indicators

This course includes:

  • Multiple hours of video-based content
  • Audio-book for traveling
  • Supporting documentation of 200+ pages
  • 12 topics covered in detail
  • 15 presentations to reinforce learning
  • 15 worksheets to put theory into practice
  • A free copy of Investing in Shares
  • Lifetime access to all course content

By taking Investing for Beginners today, you will learn how to manage your own financial future, no matter where your career takes you. Karl is passionate about helping new investors like you, and he provides you with the tools and insights needed to develop your own long-term plan for success.

Also included

Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Completion

Upon course completion students receive the Horizon Investing in Shares Certificate.

Certificate of Completion
Financial Assistance

We provide reduced pricing for students and those eligible for ReAct Welsh Government Funding.

This Masterclass really delivers - as an economist by trade I was interested in investing and portfolio management, and this course has provided the expertise I needed to get a job in the industry.
Steve Birch Junior Investment Analyst
At first, I will thank my mentor, James West for teaching such complex things so easily. I loved the examples and stories the most. I learned so much about trading from this course. Thanks!
Anubhav Chowdhury

Course Curriculum

The first step is finding a great company.

  • Top Down
  • Bottom Up

The second step is finding a great company at a fair price.

  • Company Analysis
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss
  • Cash Flow

The third step is avoid buying when its crashing, or selling when its soaring.

  • Candlesticks
  • Chart Analysis
  • Trend Analysis

Keep up to date with wider events by using key indicators.

  • Macro Indicators
  • Micro Indicators

It’s unlikely we will hold the same stock forever, assessment and evaluation is the final step to building a solid trading portfolio.

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Performance Evaluation

Who do we recommend this course for?

This course is for new investors, suitable for those with small amounts of money, who are looking to take investing into their own hands.

About the Instructors

Karl Ahlstedt
Karl Ahlstedt

Karl holds a degree in business management and studied post graduate investment management at a top UK university. He has since worked at some of the largest Welsh investment companies as an Investment Analyst.

Disappointed in the education offered by get rich quick schemes that litter the internet, Karl set up The Horizon Institute to teach finance and trading to the same level as he received at top UK universities and investment firms.

James West
James West

James holds a degree in economics and has worked at some of the largest Welsh investment companies. With a longstanding passion for teaching, he now inspires the next generation of market traders.