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Your way to financial success

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Our instructors share several years of working experience in the financial industry.

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Your way to financial success

The Horizon Institute

How can you be a profitable trader?

Traders come from all walks of life and have diverse backgrounds. Yet successful traders approach trading as they always have - through systematic analysis & structured approach.

This includes:

  • Picking up on things others miss
  • How to effectively manage risk and emotions
  • Traditional technical and fundamental analysis

We have created a short test that we use in-house, and it is commonly provided to aspiring proprietary traders on their first day of a professional trading floor.

Do you have the right skills, knowledge and expertise?

Do you have the right mindset?

What should you focus on improving before you can trade for a living?

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About Horizon

Karl Ahlstedt is the founder of The Horizon Institute, and has previously worked at some of the largest investment companies in Wales. Karl holds a degree in business management and studied post graduate investment management at a top UK university.

Disappointed in the education offered by get rich quick schemes that litter the internet, Karl set up The Horizon Institute to teach finance and trading to the same level as he received at top UK universities and investment firms.

As seen in

Business News Wales
University of Wales
Cardiff University

Can I congratulate Horizon on delivering such an interesting and informative lecture on data and finance?

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk and would have no hesitation in recommending Horizon to deliver guest lectures at other universities.

Chris Thomas BA(Hons), PgD (CIM), MA, MBCS

Programme Director & Lecturer at the University of Wales
Business School

Education Courses

1-2-1 Mentoring - Accelerated learning
1-2-1 Mentoring
Accelerated Learning

An accelerated programme which is highly tailored to the students needs.

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Universities & Institutions - Onsite Training
Universities & Institutions
Onsite Training

We work with a number of universities, providing workshops, guest lectures and course content.

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Most Popular - Investing for Beginners
Most Popular
Investing for Beginners

Learn the basics of investing and how to create and manage your portfolio.

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Succeed in trading

Accredited Courses

Our courses have been indendently verified for quality by leading academics and education bodies, and Horizon has partnered with a number of universities in the UK to deliver our courses to students. For those looking to join a trading firm or other financial institution, attaining certification of an accredited course is a great way to demonstrate your initative to potential employers.

Continued Support

Every course we provide is supplied with a collection of supporting materials to enable you to test your knowledge at regular intervals. The Horizon team is always on hand to clarify anything you are unsure of as you progress through your studies. We are regularly contacted by companies who are looking to hire our students, and have built strong links with a number of trading companies both in the UK and internationally.

We Believe that Financial Education for Everyone should be the Law.

This is why we have given


Courses for free, to those who need them most.

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Industry Experience

Our team has a wealth of industry experience working in some of the UK’s largest financial institutions. It is a prerequisite that anyone who joins our team must have previously worked in the realm of trading or investment management in a professional setting. We continually train our team to ensure consistency in the quality and delivery of the education we provide.

Holistic Approach

We understand from experience that becoming a successful trader takes time, hard work and patience. Our holistic approach to training allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of trading across all key areas in turn through our Online Courses, reducing the risk of knowledge gaps – a problem many seminar-based courses cannot guarantee.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Access all course content anywhere, anytime and learn at your own pace with lifetime access.

Expert Advice in Plain English

Each course is taught by an expert in the field—hand-picked and delivered in easy-to-follow, actionable steps.

Backed & Built by the Horizon Institute

The practical instruction, on-the-job tools and training, and expertise you expect from Horizon.

Investing in Shares 101:

A must read for new investors that delivers an authentic voice from a credible industry expert on how to get started.